When can I expect my ORDER to ship?

US orders are shipped within 1 - 2 weeks, unless specified differently which will be noted in the product's description.  International orders shipped within 4 - 6 weeks.

All print artwork will be shipped USPS.

Original artwork will be shipped either UPS or FedEx with direct signature that will be required for receipt.

If you are an International customer and your country does not come up as shipping option - please email me ASAP to confirm and coordinate best shipping options.  Shipping charges are set to ensure artwork arrives to you in the top possible quality.

Will I receive notification once my ORDER has shipped?


Can I cancel my ORDER?

All cancellations must be made within 24 hours of purchase.  Send email to request canceling of an order. 

Can I return my ORDER?

All sales are FINAL.


Prepare for shipping to cost $150.

Art specific box. Packing materials. Minimal transit time. Tracking. Insurance. These are necessity when shipping originals.  Though, unlikely, if the package and contents are destroyed - there is NO replacing an original piece to the exact state it was first created.  I want it to arrive safe - you want it to arrive safe.  That is just the expense to make that happen. Period.

The artwork is packaged in an art specific container/box and is shipped via UPS or FedEx. A direct signature WILL be required for receipt.  

Remember - you are purchasing a one-of-a-kind item. It costs to protect it.

A piece of paper . . . SHIPPING COST?

A print is not a basic sheet of copy paper.  Prints sold on this site are produced using archival inks and paper.  You are buying a piece of art.  To keep it safe while en route to you, a print is first wrapped in an archival sleeve, then it is mounted and sandwiched between 2 - 4 pieces of cardboard sheets.  All of which, is wrapped in a polybag and finally enclosed in kraft paper envelop.  Materials and time go into making sure you receive a top quality product - as if it was hand delivered.   

My ORDER arrived damaged, what do I do?

Send email immediately upon receipt of damaged order.

I have purchased original artwork, do I own the RIGHTS to the piece?

No. The CREATIVE COPYRIGHT and all intellectual rights to the original artwork remain the property of Ashton Gallagher and are forever protected under the copyright of © Ashton Gallagher 2019. This artwork may not be reproduced, in any way, shape or form, at any point of time, throughout the known universe, without written, signed and dated, consent from Ashton Gallagher. 

Please know that I am a one man operation and am dedicated to top quality and customer service.  Orders will be processed and shipped in a timely turn around adhering to the above time frame as much as possible.  Should any hiccups arise with your order or shipping - I thank you in advance for your patience and will make sure you have up to date information as it is available on my end. 

Thank you for your business.

- Ashton Gallagher